How to Generate UAN Number?

UAN is very important for those in the professional life. The number is related to EPFO services and it is entirely operated and linked to provident employment fund. For those who are working in MNC and government sectors, the number is essential because after retirement and they quit their employment, they will get PF; for that UAN is essential. Many people wonder where they can get this UAN number and how to generate UAN number. Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

Before generating UAN number, you need to know what UAN number is and how you will get to know that it is your UAN number. Here is the definition of UAN number. Basically, it is twelve-digit number and every employee contributes to the nation. The number should not be changed and it remains the same his or her entire life. If you change job or if you are not working, the number is the same. No worries! EPFO has provided a new ID member and that ID is linked to your old UAN number.   

Step by Step Process for How to Generate UAN Number

Good news from EPFO! EPFO has launched UAN services directly through specified portal for employees; previously this feature was not there. All over India, lots of new employees are facing issues in generating UAN number and because of that they have launched a direct portal.

  • Using Aadhaar Card You Can Generate UAN Number

If you want to create UAN number, you need your mobile number and that is linked to your Aadhaar card. This is important because you will get an OTP and you need to verify your KYC.  As the first step, you need to enter the portal of EPFO and below you can see the icon ‘Aadhaar allotment of UAN’. Press that icon.

  • Fill the Aadhaar Card Details

After clicking on that icon, you have to fill the Aadhaar number and it will take few seconds to generate OTP. Make sure that you have given specified mobile number. Once you receive the OTP to your number, you need to enter the OTP and next you have to agree to share your Aadhaar details to EPFO and next click the button Submit.

  • Fill Some Basic Details

Once you provide the Aadhaar number, all database will be displayed. After that, you have to give some basic details of your personal life like martial status, E-mail ID, qualification and any landline number. If this step is done, you have to verify your KYC details, enter captcha, accept disclaimer and lastly register.

Make sure that you have provided correct details. After the successful steps, you will get a message of success and that shows new UAN number. Now you have generated new UAN number.

Hope you now know how to generate UAN number.

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